Shirley Woodson

5. Shirley Woodson_In My Reverie with Mayola_2015_Collage
34. Shirley Woodson_Kid Fisher in the Afternoon (Husband of Eusie)_2012
20_Woodson_Bather with Angel Wing (1)
5. Shirley Woodson_Reflections and Flowers_2006_Acrylic on Canvas_60x40
Shirley Woodson_Blue Vase Nocturnal for Toni Morrison_2021_Acrylic on Canvas
The sources of my art production have come from the celebrating of my heritage. and its constant renewal and resilience.  As my practice has evolved over the years my themes have evolved around both figurative and abstraction presentation. Painting, Drawing, Collage, Mixed Media, Box Works and Book works have defined themes of our musical heritage in “Kings and Queens”, “Journey”,  “Flight Into Egypt”,  “Shield of the Nile”, “Ancestry:  Niagara Reunion” and most recently “At the Crossroads “ and “Offerings”. Shirley Woodson 2023