Kevin Cole

Holding on to Hope I
Signs & Wonder II
Blanket Series - Dancing with Joy I
Sailing into My Purpose
Thoughts & Desires
Holding on to Hope IV
Heaven Calling
Signs & Wonders I
Blanket Series - Scattered Blessings
Dancin' with My Fears
Jacob's Ladder, Do Lord Remember Me V
Between Grace I
Blanket Series - Summer Blessings I

My artistic journey has paralleled my personal sojourn to become wiser, find truth and search for pure expression. While evolving from a more expressionistic place to one of abstraction, I have deeply explored the interplay between color and music, particularly influenced by the musical art forms birthed by African American culture: such as jazz, blues, rap, and gospel.

This body of work speaks to the historic 2016 U.S. presidential election and the decisions faced by voters. There are no defined tie or scarf shapes at the ends. The small knobs symbolize buttons or doors. Each pattern recalls Kente cloth and Adrinka symbols, significant in West African culture. References to biblical numbers in the work emphasize my belief in the importance of faith in God, rather than man.

-Kevin Cole