Anthony Liggins

Moon Until Dawn


As my journey continues to take people on a visual expression through art, I long to captivate, motivate, and inspire others. One transcends on a spiritual oasis in time through color, technique, and visually stimulating ions. I use objects in my work such as: chop sticks, yarns, and pressed dots. The chopsticks represent life and nourishment. The differing colors in the yarns used represent the connecting of all cultures, reminding us of the diversity in all. The multicolor pattern process of irregular dots, pressed onto canvas, gives an illusion of a movement of dots on canvas. This illusion represents the complexity within each individual. I am a messenger; I want my work to bring enlightenment and passion, which can only be felt if one has experienced inner spirituality.

The cycle of sacred language is accomplished through desire; it is a desire to be, a desire that changes within each individual’s perception. This cycle speaks in everlasting words to touch the soul and to give the world something to behold.”

– Anthony Liggins