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RICHARD MAYHEW says that his paintings—filled with bold, imaginative colors, from raspberry-hued hills to tangerine skies—are informed by Native American “nature lore, ways, and attitudes.” Mayhew’s mother was African American and Cherokee and his father was African American and Shinnecock, a Native American tribe indigenous to eastern Long Island. 

“Many of my so-called landscapes are very abstract because they are very free-form; I am involved with the spiritual feeling of space,” said the artist. Rather than painting from sketches or photographs, he works from memory. “My paintings are based on improvisational internalized creative experience: I paint the essence of nature, always seeking the unique spiritual mood of the landscape.” 

“We hope this award highlights the amazing achievements he has made in his career and brings attention to his practice,” said Rick Friedman, the director of ShowHamptons.  — From ArtNet News  Click here to read the full article

We are all searching for home. Some of us believe that we have found it, while for others it is a lifelong quest. Some are forced from one home into a search for another. Some change the terms of the search, and must find new possibilities. Some continue to look for their ideal of Place; others yearn for psychic or spiritual Sanctuary. The search may be a physical journey or a journey of the heart. How do we know when—and if—we have found it? Is our mantra the child’s eternal question: are we there yet?


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ReBorn #4 2020 Mixed Media and Georgia Red Clay on Dutch Wax Cloth

In this century the entire interwoven globe has reeled from constant motion to arrested stop – and soon, back again —reacting to displacement – war – pandemic– violence – poverty – danger – climate – upheaval – politics – chaos – nature’s whims – disease. As the pendulum swings, some search for an ideal PLACE; others yearn for psychic or spiritual sanctuary. The search may be a physical progress or a journey of the spirit; the seeking may be voluntary or forced; tragic or hopeful. The goal is a better life and safety for ourselves and those we love – the security of HOME. Artists are sharing the quests – giving faces to the seekers – exploring the paths –joining the search. We know when we get there.

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