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MAY 19 — SEPTEMBER 15, 2022

We are all empty vessels waiting to be fulfilled. Giving form to spirit, Art, for me is a spiritual experience; My inspiration for landscapes is to offer the viewer escape from the underlying visual realities and force us to look within ourselves for the hidden truth. Every thought has weight, shape, size, color, quality, and power. Landscape paintings allow the artist to highlight their natural instincts, access their subconscious mind and connect to the unknown to create a new experience for all.  

Outside my bedroom window, I could get an arial view of the dense forest filled with an array of bright colors and beaming sunlight. At the time I did not know it, but I was studying how the lighting affects the landscape throughout the day.  I learned that the curves found in nature were similar to that of a body and just as the body, and all things are interrelated. 

True beauty is universal, bringing us together, and giving us one thing to agree on. As an African American Artist, I wanted to create work that spoke to our sophistication.  Something to give a unique perspective on my experience as I struggled through my own inferiority complex.  Looking for white acceptance and validation instead of existing in one’s own space.  The black and white landscapes have a dual meaning.  It relates the black paint to black people but the hope that we search for and eyes are drawn to is the white light. These mysterious atmospheric landscapes with subdued colors and a limited palette have relevance but yet are timeless works of my own imagination. 

—Kevin Okeith

Kevin Okeith, born Kevin Okeith Corley is an Atlanta based painter from Chicago, known for his distinctive impressionistic paintings. Described as one of the most promising artist to emerge in the 21st century, his pre-eminent works are large figures, eyes closed, executed with a palette knife into multi-faceted original paintings.  For him, music and art are inextricably linked. Having played the trumpet when he was young, these two creative disciplines influence not only his life, but also his oil and acrylic paintings. He works only when inspired and the impetus always comes from life and music.

Okeith’s subject matter challenges the negative psychological aspects pertaining to African American beauty. He created a series entitled “Naked Truth” celebrating strength, history, pride, dignity and culture. Permitting art to reflect the views, values, and ethics of a people empowering through art to speak best in all of us.

With no formal training in art, books have taught Okeith rather than any teacher.  From the relationship formed with gallery owner Andre Thompson, Okeith met fellow artist Gilbert Young and Kevin A. Williams /WAK.  Each of the artists, in some capacity, helped guide his career, most notably Kevin A Williams /WAK who later became Okeith’s mentor. Okeith’s works have been displayed in newspapers, magazines, television, movies, Galleries, also featured by the New York Times and Home Depot.  His first solo art exhibition entitled Love Supreme that was displayed for 4 months at the Chattanooga African American Museum.  Okeith’s most impressive accomplishment to date was being selected as a National Winner of the Bombay Sapphire Artisan Series contest. Awarded a showing at Miami Art Basel represented Andre Guichard, Danny Simmons, and Russel Simmons. His work is represented exclusively by September Gray Art Gallery.

Art, to Okeith, is the materialization of thought and it expresses the spirit through form.  He believes the magic starts in the mind, and artists know that whatever they can clearly create in their minds can be made manifest into a concrete reality.  The main goal of his work is to use art as an educational tool that will inspire others to look within themselves.

Ali, The Greatest Muhammad Ali Center

The rising Stars Exhibition, DuSable Museum, Featured artist for 3 months in Chicago IL

California Legislative Black Caucus

2010 Rush Philanthropic Arts Foundation, Paris Theatre, Miami, FL

2010 Bombay Sapphire Artesian Series Mason Murer, Atlanta, GA

Harlem Fine Arts Show 36g’ Armory, Harlem, NY

2010 New York Times Fine art preview, Headquarters, New York, NY

2009 Love Supreme, African American Museum, Solo Exhibition, Chattanooga, TN

2009 Love Supreme, Clay’s Gallery

2009 Sol & Art, Adidas Originals

2009 Philadelphia International Art Expo

20009 Art in Motion, Sambuca, Buckhead, GA