Michael Scoffield

Mr. Miguel
White Shadows
The Next City
Golden Lady
Untitled (Brother)
Yellow Horizontal
Vertical Yellow
Convergence w/Gray Square
Cross Over Green - II
Three Reds
Light Blue Square
The Grab Bar
Grid Work
Golden State
Pane/Cube Equation
Red Corners
Red Corners w/Gray Square
Honeycomb Reality
Requiem's Chant
Space E Quations
Urban Constructs

“As an abstract painter my initial influences were from the New York School of Abstract painters during the mid-twentieth century. Their idea, one I have adopted, suggests the practice of painting abstractly was as close to pure spiritual self-expression as one could get.

The experience of painting is a process that requires an acute understanding of materials and pigments to be used as tools in the construction and completion of a successfully composed and coherent work of art.  With that in mind, composition is and always will be my focus.  The idea that from a collection of things, (materials, pigment), a visual statement can elicit a wide range of human emotions is as intriguing as anything one could imagine.

When I build up the surface with sand, sawdust, corrugated paper, etc. and cover these textures with paint that is brushed, pushed, and dripped, I feel a freedom that channels my thoughts into an imaginative sense of purpose. The surface takes control guiding my application of paint, the mark making that occurs, and the tension in the composition that is created.

Understanding visual stimulation as the initial encounter, the viewer is drawn deeper into the art (surface) for a closer examination in the manipulation of materials. At this level of investigation, visuals and materials are fully engaged and arrive at a point of personal self-experience.  It is my hope that at this moment in time the experience becomes the work of art.”

-Michael Scoffield