Christie Dasher


“My work reflects the nature of modern living and the impact technology has had on the human experience and thought processes. We are programmed to perceive the world by the way we are given and process information. The onslaught of sounds bites; advertisements, texts, apps, etc. have altered our relationships with others and with nature and the way we think. Having access to technology affords us a level of comfort and ease, but also gives one a sense of fragmentation and superficiality. For me, this mode of living is best reflected with collage. Just as urban contemporary music samples across a variety of genres, my work seeks to make new connections by remixing bits and pieces of history with the present. Background grids in gray, for example, play a key role in providing visual structure, revealing my own internal conflict and love-hate relationship with established rules and a simultaneous wish for control and freedom. The challenge lies within finding a way to use the language of painting to express a search for personal transformation.

Each of my works represents an internal desire to find balance between the scheme of opposites that we find in human existence: order and chaos; Eastern and Western thought; masculine and feminine. Ultimately, the work reflects my own search for harmony and an authentic give and take with the world around me. Each piece is an attempt at fine-tuning: pushing the content to the visual edge, seeking intuitive resonation.”

-Christie Dasher