Nengi Omuku

“Stages of Collapse”

September 29, 2017 – November 1, 2017

The Nigerian artist first appeared on the American art scene in a group exhibition at the Armory Show NYC, 2016, Focus: African Perspectives — Global Contemporaries presented by Omenka Gallery, New York. Omuku returns to America, exhibiting her first solo show in Atlanta, home of the American Human Rights Movement.

On view from September 29th to November 5thStages of Collapse examines the relevance of environment. In this work, Omuku explores how the human experience is subject to “the gathering of information-mentally, physically and emotionally.” She portrays themes of rebirth through abstract representations of dreams that interpret the female body in regard to “gradual dematerialization,” in which she describes, “ the body is constantly selecting and adapting in order to belong.”