ALFRED CONTEH: Two Fronts: Surface & Reason
27 January – 3 March 2017



“Two Fronts: Surface & Reason is a visual exploration of how African diasporic societies in the American South are fighting social, economic, educational and psychological wars from within and without to survive. The honest and false narratives of history embodied in this series are primarily personified in patinated colossi that commemorate the people, culture, and battles that the populations they tower over have fought and continue to fight. We are at war on two fronts.

The series’ works on paper investigate the beautiful war that atmospheric conditions constantly wage on natural and man-made surfaces and structures. Metal powders, chemical compounds and acrylics are used to recreate the weathering and aging effects reminiscent of those that surround the human experience everyday, everywhere. The surface quality on each work, is uniquely tactile, with embedded striations and tears, revealing several textured coats of paint.”

Alfred Conteh