Ibeabuchi Ananaba

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Lost in Thought
Full of LIfe (Front)
Full of LIfe (Back)
Full of Life (Seated)
Urban Habits
The Only Way
Sometimes  I Wonder
Last Chapter
Full of LIfe
Sweet Music
My work aims to speak to the depth of a viewer’s heart in a way that helps to re-engineer his/her thinking in a positive way. It is largely driven by both exploration and exploitation of the human figure to deliver a message that one way or the other challenges one’s thought or warms up one’s consciousness. This exercise could come or result in a variety of forms based on how the spirit leads. I love to capture moods. I love to capture character. I love to feel the soul in my works. To me, it adds up to the essence of living. So it’s o.k. to say my work reflects humanity.

My method starts with ideation. I love to feel the idea first, then jump into the adventure of making it come alive. This process leads me to my sketchpad where I visually pour it out to see what the idea looks like. While doing this, I tend to make a couple sketches that mostly result in my executing an idea in series. So, I think it, sketch it and it’s birthed out as a drawing. Depending on how the idea warms my heart, sometimes I think/feel/see/hear an idea, sketch it, then paint it.

As an artist, I like to experiment with materials so my media vary. I work with charcoal, oil paint, acrylics, watercolor, gouache, markers as well as graphite and so on.

With regards to concepts, for me it could be anything that comes from anywhere, but it has to have some soul. It has to strike that warm and love chord in the heart. I like it to be organic with that “I-never-saw-it-coming” sort of unexpected factor. That way, it etches its way into the audience’s heart, and becomes relevant and memorable.

-Ibeabuchi Ananaba